Smart home: comfort scenarios

Let’s take a look at how the house has been transformed over the centuries into a modern look that has lighting, plumbing, heating, ventilation, audio–video and other systems. In a house where automation is used that combines information systems, there will not be a situation where air conditioning and heating will work simultaneously.

Thanks to integration, when one of the carriers is turned on, the other is turned off, preventing unnecessary energy loss. Using automation, you can integrate these media into a single system. This integration allows you to:

Balance energy consumption and cost optimization;
To maximize security;
Create comfort conditions and individual environment;
Provide prestige and family comfort.
Comfort and personality scenarios

Automation of events in a smart home means that certain actions will be performed on their own, such as adjusting the temperature depending on the schedule of family members, reducing the temperature at night, increasing the temperature when family members return home from work, lowering the blinds during rain or due to strong winds.

Grouping devices into so – called scenarios allows you to increase comfort. Scenes can be started automatically and using wall buttons or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Sometimes systems have special wall-mounted touch panels, such as the F & Home system, that you can use to control your home.

Morning scenario

In which the blinds are raised exactly at dawn or at a user – programmed time, the lights in the garden and on the stairs will be turned off, the TV will be turned on and switched to the news channel, the garage door is ajar so that the dog can run out if necessary, finally turn on the coffee machine. The advanced logic of the system allows you to implement any event in accordance with the user’s requirements.

TV script

When you want to spend a family evening watching a movie. All you need to do is click on the icon highlighted in the application, or hold longer the button on the wall, and living room will immediately turn into a movie theater – lights dim, blinds lowered, the projector POPs up and the screen lowered. Additionally, you can slightly raise the temperature and turn on the colorful decorative lighting.

Comfort scenario

Some events may be ahead of time. for example, if the system receives information from the Internet weather service about an expected decrease in outdoor temperature, it will raise the indoor temperature early enough to maintain the desired comfort. This function is called a weather forecast, and we can use the same information for the garden watering logic. If it has been raining for the last few days, the system will not decide to turn on the garden watering machines.

Therefore, smart home systems are not just a gadget. Smart home residents must decide for themselves what scale of home automation they need to make their home a safe and comfortable place to live.