Smart home with Alice

The appearance of a useful Yandex product has become very popular. Platform “Yandex.The station” was characterized by a voice-controlled assistant Alice. Users have long been attracted to the software application, which after modernization became the home management center. A similar copy has already been implemented by Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Yandex started the upgrade with a short conversation consisting of specific teams interacting with the SOFTWARE. The initial stage of the large-scale project was successfully implemented. A year later, Yandex presented its own platform with Alice management. The advent of the managed house was aimed at success from the very beginning.

How it works

For the home control center, a device with a working voice assistant “Alice”is used. This was made possible with the help of Yandex.Stations». The main requirement for the devices is considered continuous access to the Internet. This is the only way “Alice” will be a useful tool in the hands of any user.

The lack of Internet does not allow you to use the SOFTWARE properly. Voice messages are processed not on the device itself, but on the Yandex server. After passing the command to Alice, it is forwarded to the server itself, where it is processed. When you return to the device, the command is executed.

Even with a long path, delays are excluded. The process does not take much time, orders are received on time. The Internet connection determines the stability of the operation. Positive aspects of using the service:

use on a primitive weak device;
no need to set up a home network node;
distribution is carried out from any point of the world;
view the necessary information remotely.

The smart home implements many features. The presence of a universal remote control is considered an intermediary between The system and Alice’s AI with household appliances in the room. All equipment must be controlled by an infrared signal. The device is considered one of the most modernized and smart innovations of Yandex.

How to build a smart home

To get a managed home, it is important to correctly assemble the commands into a specific algorithm and connect the Yandex mobile app. The versatility of the app is that the user chooses the control points that interest them and includes them in the appropriate section.

A user of any level can communicate with Alice, and manage It from a smartphone. After adding devices, each of them is assigned a name in Russian. Their distribution in the apartment will save the owner’s time, as well as independently regulate the operation of devices.

The Alice interface has long been used in smart homes because of its ease of management. Interaction is conducted exclusively in Russian. All commands are easily recognized, and the user can make certain changes to their structure and system scenarios.