Smart home is clear and simple

03 May 2021

I want the topic of “smart home” to become tangible and transparent for the majority. Too expensive, too complicated, too few extensions, too early – the list of biases against smart devices is long. However, most of them have nothing to do with the” smart home 2021″: I share my own experience.

How it all started

Another move was planned. I’m tired of wandering around in other people’s corners without comfort. The decision to make a list on the topic “reality-expectation” was very useful. I would like to share the best part of this list.

Our expectations:

More comfort.
More security.
More free time.
Less work.
Home automation.

Do you have a plan? There was no plan yet.

First steps
We have determined the exact budget. We wanted to invest about 500 euros. Looking ahead, I will say: to feel the positive effect, you should count on the amount of 1000 to 1500 euros.
We focused on the important things: humidifying the room, adjusting the heating, controlling the lighting, and saving energy.
You had to choose: wireless control or basic cable routing. In the future, repairs were planned, but with cables in the agreed amount, they would not immediately fit. We decided to limit ourselves to the starter kit.
Self-made brand MimiSmart

As a big fan of MimiSmart, I first slightly improved the house, increasing its potential. I bought several radio-controlled sockets, as well as a network gateway. I chose inexpensive, with good compatibility.

Since there are many such outlets now, switching with the included remote controls is almost impossible. Everything is controlled by a tablet. Android hangs silently on the wall and serves only as a control unit via Bluetooth and router. Everything is adapted to your needs.


In our house, there is a “centralized shutdown” function on the button. This button is pressed by the last person who leaves the house. This ensures that all light sources and outlets with hazard sources are turned off. We love this feature: no more control, full confidence that everything is off.

Do you want a special atmosphere and a movie? When the button is pressed, the blinds are lowered, the screen is muted, the projector and the system are turned on. While the screen and the projector are missing, so there is a lot to grow.


For safety reasons, smoke detectors work, which can communicate via the controller bus. They transmit their signal: there is smoke! Additionally, they provide automatic lifting of the blinds. So there is not only light in the house, but also free escape routes. There is also an alarm button with a light alert for neighbors, but it has not yet been used.

Conclusion: a smart home is better than its reputation

The smart home has developed incredibly quickly in recent years and has become suitable for the general public. Come up with your own idea. Is it too expensive or too complicated? There are suitable smart home gadgets for everyone. Starter kits allow you to do everything easily. Remember: smart devices can do more.