Smart home installation in hotels, hotels and offices

Smart home for offices is able to create an optimal working environment, significantly increase employee productivity. At the same time, this will make it possible to reduce unproductive expenditure of working time. That is why the leaders of organizations make their choice in favor of intelligent object management systems.

In the tourist area, guest comfort is a priority. That is why many hotels are actively introducing the Smart Home for hotels in their hotels. This will create an atmosphere of comfort and security in the room.

Smart Home Features in Hotels and Offices

At these sites, the Smart Home is implemented on the basis of integrated engineering complexes that solve a whole range of systems management tasks:

  • ventilation;
  • lighting;
  • heating;
  • climate control;
  • access control;
  • alarm;
  • CCTV
  • multimedia switching;
  • video conferencing.

Such high-tech schemes allow you to adjust the brightness of the lighting and turn off the lighting devices in the absence of personnel in the room. Motion sensors regulate the lighting in bathrooms, corridors, various utility rooms, automatically increasing the brightness when a person enters. There are scenarios for changing the mode of illumination at different times of day.

With the help of controllers, temperature, humidity and air conditioning are controlled. You can also write scripts of the system components.

Fire alarm system is built into the architecture of the Smart Office. It interacts with access control system.

In hotels, such access control is combined with centralized temperature control in the rooms. You can provide light control functions, “do not disturb”.

Our offer

SmartHouse company offers long-term cooperation. We are ready to design and install the Smart Home system of any complexity in your office or hotel. You are guaranteed to get high quality!


The installation of the Smart Home system will increase the competitiveness of the hotel in the hotel services market. In the office and hotel, such an engineering solution will lead to a tangible saving of resources.