Smart home what technologies are exactly needed in a country house

Today, Smart home systems can be installed in any home, and these systems are particularly popular among residents of country cottages. Smart House unrecognizably changes the lifestyle of all households, and raises the level of comfort to unprecedented heights.

Features of the Smart home system

This system manages all vital functions in the home. Smart House can manage:

Household appliances and appliances.
Lighting device.
Automatic blinds.
Ventilation system.
Air conditioning system.
Heating system.
Technologies for a country house

For private cottages the Smart home system can be extended with useful features such as:

control of heated paths on the infield;
porch heating;
automatic watering of garden beds;
automatic control of pool water temperature;
automatic feeding of food and water to Pets;
automatic pet walking at the appointed time;
intercom control.

The Smart home system allows you to create event scenarios, and adjust the operation of all systems in the house to these scenarios. Moreover, Smart House allows you to flexibly configure lighting devices, heating systems or climate control systems, which will lead to significant fuel and energy savings. If you have a Smart home system, the cost of housing and utilities services is significantly reduced.

Additional function

A video surveillance system and a security system can be integrated into the Smart House system.

Video surveillance

A video surveillance system is a must in a private cottage. This system includes a variety of video cameras that can work over both a wired network and Wi-Fi. Video surveillance allows you to monitor everything that happens in the house, and record information on a digital medium. This system will protect the home from unauthorized entry by unauthorized persons. If someone plans to enter the house during your absence, the video surveillance system will record this fact, and notify the owner of the event via SMS. Any movement in the house is detected by motion sensors, so it is almost impossible to get into the house unnoticed with a working video surveillance system. Being in any geographical point of the world, you can display video information on the screen of your smartphone or mobile computer, and personally track everything that happens at home, even if you are on another continent.

Security system

This system can also be integrated into Smart House, and will significantly increase the level of security for all residents of the house. The security system includes not only smoke and gas sensors, but also capacitive motion sensors. If there is the slightest smoke or gas contamination, an alarm is automatically sent to the fire Department, as well as an SMS message is sent to the smartphone of the owner of the house.


The Smart home system is undoubtedly a very useful know-how, and this benefit is especially noticeable for owners of country houses. Smart House allows you not only to save on fuel and electricity, but also clearly performs a lot of useful tasks related to the care of the yard, garden and Pets. The presence of this system makes life safer and more comfortable. You can control your Smart home either from a remote control or via the Internet-directly from your smartphone.