Smart Home how it is made

Modern man strives for comfort, this is an indicator of the development of civilization. For many, the need for a “Smart home” is becoming a necessity. some people immediately do it in a complex way during repairs, while others implement it in stages, taking into account their capabilities. But it is difficult to argue with the fact that such equipment is becoming more and more mass-produced and affordable. Moreover, many people make a “Smart home” on their own.

Where to start

There are almost ready-made sets of components for the construction of a “Smart home”. They usually include:

the controller is the brain of the entire system;
execution modules are what illuminates, creates a temperature regime, and performs certain tasks.

It is not very difficult to install and configure all this even without preliminary preparation. There are several sets that can be purchased:

MimiSystems is a wired smart home system from a Ukrainian manufacturer. The perfect balance of price and quality;
Xiaomi Mi Smart Home is a standard Chinese kit consisting of a controller, motion sensors and opening Windows and doors, as well as remote switches;
Rubetek RK-3515, the main purpose of this kit is the safety of living, the main role here is performed by sensors for opening and closing, movement, smoke and leakage;
MTS Dacha-in addition to traditional sensors, the set is supplemented with video cameras with infrared illumination, mainly used to monitor the situation in country houses;
Fibaro Starter Kit-a set of Polish production with advanced features, but also with a fairly decent price.
What such a system can consist of

Of course, there are many options, but if you build in stages, you need to start with the most necessary components:

smart light bulb – it can be turned on by a timer, adjust the light intensity and color shades;
lamp-it can also be adjusted for the duration of the glow, if you like to fall asleep with a book or at a strictly defined time, some models are controlled in voice mode;
a home surveillance camera that can warn the owner of the beginning of movement in the room at night, some models even turn after the source of movement, tracking its trajectory;
the smart socket does not need to be installed, it is simply inserted into a regular one – it turns off or turns off the power at a specified time or after a command;
the network filter performs essentially the same functions;
the sensors will work when opening and closing doors and Windows, when starting to move and when there are alarm situations, and they will also help to start or disable household appliances;
sensors with a siren are triggered when strangers enter the room.

The list, of course, can be continued, it increases every year. Remote control allows, for example, returning home, to prepare coffee for your arrival, take a bath or vacuum the apartment. And in the absence of the owner, the system can air the room or reduce the temperature according to a given program. All this can be gradually installed with your own hands, and this process is even fascinating.