Smart home and how does it work?

05 August 2021

The Smart Home system is becoming increasingly popular. What is it, what components are included in it, and is it really worth using it?

Any Smart Home system is a set of electronic and mechanical devices that can be used to remotely monitor what is happening in the house and control processes. Some everyday tasks can be solved even without the direct participation of a person.

What is included in the system

As an example, we can consider the smart home system created by MimiSmart. It contains the following components:

  • automatic lighting sensors, controllers and lamps;
  • leak sensors and automatic water shut-off valves;
  • devices for controlling curtains;
  • climate control and ventilation devices;
  • devices for opening and closing doors;
  • and much more.

This is only part of the system, it also includes various sensors, smart lamps, sockets and wireless buttons. If desired, you can include a microwave oven, a washing machine, a dryer or a dishwasher, an iron with a temperature control function and other devices.

How the system works

All the elements that form a “smart home” make up a single system, they are able to exchange information with each other. This makes it easy and convenient to manage your devices. For example, with the help of a single voice command spoken to the controller, you can perform many actions:

  • turn on or off the light in a certain room;
  • activate the air conditioner or fan, or vice versa, turn it off;
  • turn on the kettle;
  • turn off the Internet.

In order for the system to work with maximum efficiency, it is important that all devices are from the same manufacturer, only then you can achieve a coordinated action.

The convenience of a “smart home”

A modern “smart home” is able to create maximum comfort. With the help of voice commands, you can both ensure cleanliness in the house and control the microclimate in it. The system also protects against illegal intrusions.

The advanced version of the system works as follows:

  • When the owner wakes up, a special bracelet on his hand transmits information about this to the center.
  • At the command given by the system, the curtains open.
  • After evaluating the weather, the system adjusts the climate in the apartment.
  • The lights are turned on throughout the house and the kettle is in the kitchen.

This is just one example of how a smart home can work, and this is just the beginning. Technical progress continues, and it is possible that in the near future the components of such systems will not only do cleaning or turn on the lights, but also make the bed, cook and do much more. Yes, today it may seem fantastic, but after all, much of what was previously written in science fiction novels is becoming a reality now. There is no doubt that even more advanced systems will appear in the near future, but today the “smart home” is able to provide the owner with a fairly high level of comfort. Once using such a technology, everyone will want to do it always.


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