Smart home is easy!

In our country, so far, the “smart” home is not so frequent. Abroad, the construction of buildings with automated control systems has long been something commonplace. One of the main reasons why Russian residents do not install such systems in their homes is the widespread myth that this is a very expensive and complex process. In fact, this is not the case at all.

Everywhere we are surrounded by various technical devices that are designed to make our life better. However, according to statistics, only a small percentage of the population uses all household appliances for everyday needs. Some users are simply too lazy to study the instructions, considering it too voluminous and incomprehensible. The smart home system is perceived by them as a structure completely clogged with intricate equipment, which they find impossible to deal with. People who have elderly relatives and children in their families usually try to minimize the presence of electronics in the house. Some designers in our country do not offer customers to install such a management system, because they perceive such a move as risky, they are sure that providing such services will not make them more competitive.

What is a smart home and how it works

In fact, a “smart” home is an automated system of devices and devices that are able to cope with their basic functions without human intervention.

Smart home equipment includes many modules:

sensors for doors and Windows;
smart sockets;
remote control;
motion sensor;
temperature and humidity sensors;
IP camera;
control unit.

All these devices are connected either via cables or in an innovative wireless way. Moreover, the second option for connecting modules is the most convenient and cheaper: you do not need to pull wires through the entire house, mount them in the walls, or carry out repair work. The wireless signal is perfectly transmitted over any distance and can pass through walls and furniture. Such a home management system can be connected even without the participation of a specialist.

In fact, home automation provides complete comfort to the owners of the house. You can control everything in the house without getting up from the sofa: curtains, doors, Windows, lighting, etc. This happens using a special remote control, the system is actually very simple. The TV or home theater remote control is actually the same control device with a lot of buttons.

The set of functions that the management system will perform may vary depending on the client’s desire. It is not necessary to connect a huge package at once.

Advantages of using the smart home system

Using such a home management system has a lot of positive aspects. The main one is the comfortable living of the owners and ensuring complete security of the home. “Smart” house is able to instantly respond to all situations that occur inside the apartment. Many of the functions are working on the machine: for example, temperature control. The security system is also very important: during the absence of residents, the apartment will be under reliable protection.