Automation of power supply systems with the help of Smart home

Automation of power supply is one of the most urgent tasks facing the installation of intelligent home control. This is the most attractive feature that ensures the implementation of the Smart Home system for electricians.

Automation of power supply systems is carried out by installing control and switching devices, and the program block switches various lighting circuits.

Components of intelligent control:

  • lighting control;
  • power management.

What does the automation of the power supply of the object?

To implement such a project, no work other than electrical installation is needed. The appeal of this feature is related to its wide capabilities. This is the control of air conditioners, ventilation systems, “warm floor”, heating radiators. All lights are also included in the power supply circuit. Due to this, energy saving of the Smart Home is achieved. Audio and video systems are controlled by the same complex. The project implemented the possibility of including in the circuit devices responsible for closing curtains and blinds on windows, gates, and garage doors.

In country houses, automation and scheduling of power supply systems, responsible for the safety of the home and preventing unauthorized entry, are coming to the fore. The Smart Home provides a variety of scenarios to ensure effective protection against intruders.

SmartHouse is your reliable partner

Our company has been working in Ukraine for many years in the field of creating intelligent object management systems. During this time, accumulated vast experience in creating projects of varying complexity. If necessary, the company can develop and implement a project to automate power supply systems not only in apartments and country houses, but also in offices. It is also possible to solve the problem of automating the company’s power supply. All you have to do is contact us — we will take care of the rest.

Benefits of automating the management of power supply systems

The use of the complex control engineering equipment allows you to significantly save energy. Such savings are achieved by regulating heating, lighting and ventilation devices.

Depending on the wishes of our customers, we are ready to help them take advantage of all the possibilities of smart power.