Smart home – what it is, how much it costs and where it is used

05 December 2021

In a smart home, all systems work automatically, with minimal human involvement. Everything is controlled: lighting, heating, operation of household appliances. All systems react to external circumstances and adjust their work automatically. Such automation saves a person from everyday, routine worries.

The control of the smart home system can be configured for all devices or for each of them individually. Either a station is installed that monitors all systems simultaneously, or an individual control mode is configured for each device.

What the smart home system offers

A smart home can perform the following tasks:

  • monitor the consumption of lighting, heating and water supply, activate and deactivate them;

  • fill empty bowls with food and water from animals;

  • conduct video surveillance in the apartment;

  • control the behavior of children: limit the time spent watching TV or on the Internet;

  • warn about the beginning of a fire;

  • assist in cleaning or making coffee.

The cost of arranging the system

There is no single cost of building a smart home. The price of the kit depends on the functionality of the smart home system and the availability of gadgets.

Today, the cost of setting up a smart home system varies from 5 to 700 thousand rubles. The minimum configuration of the smart home system includes up to 10 sensors, while their number in the maximum version can reach several dozen.

For each customer, an individual smart home project is compiled based on his wishes and needs. In this case, the price of the kit depends on the size of the housing. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the ready-made kits do not include smart appliances – coffee makers or robot vacuum cleaners connected to a common station.

China’s Smart Homes

This country is the leader in the number of buildings equipped with smart systems. There are thousands of buildings in China equipped with the latest technology. A striking example is the Glumac business center. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary office building. This center was the first to receive the international Living Building Challenge certificate. Employees of the center can observe the level of air pollution and humidity on the screens of their smartphones. This center provides multi-level air purification and a green wall.

Smart homes in Ukraine

Compared to smart homes in Europe and China, which represent a single, well-established system, Ukraine provides rather separate gadgets equipped with remote control and data collection systems. Such houses are more likely to belong to an elite class than a method of optimizing resources. Widespread installation of such systems in Ukrainian homes and offices is not observed.

It is not yet clear whether smart homes will become a single automated system affecting all areas of life support or will remain separate sets of devices equipped with voice control and monitoring functions.


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