Pool automation with Smart home

Pool automation is perfectly integrated into the unified architecture of an intelligent home control system. Smart Home Pool provides you with a higher level of comfort and safety.

The unique equipment produced by SmartHouse allows you to automatically pour water in and then maintain its level and temperature.

What functions can the system perform?

  • Fills a pool with water of a certain temperature at a specified time;
  • Maintains a constant temperature and water level. If necessary, the volume of water is replenished automatically;
  • The complex, consisting of sensors and filters, monitors the performance and purity of water;
  • Purifies water with filters when getting clogged data;
  • Notifies the owner if it is impossible to carry out cleaning on his own, as well as when the filter needs to be replaced. The information will appear on the control panel. Performance can be monitored from your smartphone.

When choosing a pool automation project, you can order additional functions. They will turn it into a full-fledged SPA-resort. Here there are a number of scenarios: “Party”, “Rest”, which will create an atmosphere of relaxation.

The final price of pool automation directly depends on the selected functions and equipment.

We guarantee quality

Turning to our company, you will receive detailed advice. Calculate the cost of pool automation. A team of our experienced specialists will help you choose a project and install the equipment. All your wishes will be taken into account. The quality of our services is guaranteed by many years of successful work with the integrated control systems of Smart Home.

The operation of the installed equipment is very simple. Just a few touches of the control panel – and the settings will be set. You can always monitor any indicator and, if necessary, adjust the operation of devices.