Three main advantages of a smart home over conventional housing

08 February 2022

A modern “smart home” is a traditional living space with IP infrastructure integrated into it. Artificial intelligence is configured in such a way as to quickly change the parameters of the situation according to a previously developed scheme or fulfilling the instant desire of people living in the house. Humidity levels, general and spot lighting, lowering or raising the temperature – all this can be changed.

This ensures a high level of comfort, saving resources (water and electricity), as well as the safety of living in the house.

Why a smart home is better than a traditional

one In addition to a higher level of comfort, a “smart home” has a number of practical advantages over conventional housing.

Fewer utility bills per month

Reducing your daily electricity and water bills is the first benefit of a smart home. The goal is achieved by strict control over the consumption of resources. Artificial intelligence is configured so that after the tenants leave the house, almost all household appliances turn off or go into standby mode.

Thanks to this approach, monthly utility payments can be reduced by about 10-15%.

The opportunity to create your own unique scenario of life

In an ordinary apartment, you are greeted every morning and every evening by the same environment. Thanks to the high technology of artificial intelligence, you can change this by properly programming smart home scenarios.

Through the control panel, you can start the implementation of one of the options you want:

  1. waking up in the morning to unobtrusive music and soft light, which will turn on by themselves, without your participation;
  2. setting the desired room temperature before you return from work or a walk;
  3. scheduled launch of programs for a washing machine, coffee maker, robot vacuum cleaner and other household appliances, even if no one is at home.

Do you want a delicious dinner, a cup of coffee, pleasant music and colored zoned lighting to be waiting for you when you return home – this is real with the artificial intelligence of a smart home.

The highest level of security

The operation of the smart home system is based on sensors and cameras installed around the entire perimeter. They can be controlled using an ordinary smartphone through a special application. Thanks to this, any unauthorized intrusion will be noticed, and the information will be immediately transferred to the appropriate authorities. The owner is notified of the incident via SMS or email.

It is very important that, even when you are away from home, you retain access to the management of your apartment or cottage. You can literally connect to the cameras and see for yourself that everything is in order.

Thus, smart home artificial intelligence systems are able to control all household appliances and systems, thereby ensuring their optimal operating modes, safety and reducing the cost of managing their own comfort.