Top 9 tips for implementing a smart home

The smart home system is not just new technologies that make life more comfortable and easier. Proper organization of the smart home system will help protect you and your family from emergencies and make better use of electricity consumption. You need to start thinking about how to install the system correctly at the repair stage. And here’s what those who already use smart technologies at home advise.

Tip 1: decide on a goal

Answer the question why you need a smart home system. It can perform several functions:

adjust the operation of electrical appliances, lighting and digital equipment to the behavior of residents;
create comfortable conditions at different times of the day, depending on the weather and other external factors;
provide necessary information, such as weather, exact time, traffic jams;
perform the alarm function.

Prioritize the needs of all family members and, based on this, draw up a scheme for implementing the system in your home.

Tip 2: make a plan of the house

Carefully consider how the furniture and appliances will be arranged, how the sockets and lighting devices will be located in the rooms. This will allow you to create an optimal installation scheme.

Tip 3: find a good specialist

The introduction of such technologies does not tolerate unprofessionalism and even more self-made. Only an electrician who has experience installing a smart home system will be able to distribute electric points according to not only the rules, but also your wishes.

Tip 4: install several vending machines in your home

Ideally, each room should be equipped with separate automatic lighting and sockets. This will help to avoid power outages throughout the house and not interfere with the operation of household appliances and Underfloor heating, if you need to repair or redo one element.

Tip 5: ensure your smart home has a stable WI-FI connection

The best solution is to install two different routers. One for use on smartphones, laptops, and Smart TVs, and the other for smart devices. The signal must cover the entire area of the house or apartment.

Tip 6: create complex passwords

With the advent of secure wireless networks, scammers are coming up with more and more ways to find passwords for them. Having access to the management of a smart home, they can bring great damage to the owners. Therefore, do not be lazy to come up with and memorize complex and long passwords and set restrictions for logging in to your account.

Tip 7: keep an eye out for new smart home systems

The smart device market is developing very fast. Every day, technologies are introduced into everyday life that make everyday life easier and more comfortable. Accordingly, the previous developments are also quickly becoming obsolete. If you want to keep up with the times, subscribe to blogs covering the latest technology innovations.

Tip 8: use the star topology”

With it, each user will have a dedicated power line, which will reduce the load from the common voltage source. If this option does not seem to be a budget option, consider the “shared bus”layout. But choose the option that the relay and electrical equipment are installed in the same mounting box. This way it will be easier to fix technical problems than in the classic version, when the line is hidden by finishing materials.

Tip 9: choose the most comfortable software platform

Smart home management is carried out using an electronic platform, which has a great variety of options. The most optimal of them:

Majordomo-has a convenient management system, is fully Russified and is ideal for beginners;
OpenHAB is a more abstruse platform developed in java from the point of view of setting up a smart home, but, unlike the first version, it has more modern updates;
IoBroker is the latest system that was first implemented in 2019. It works quite stably and can communicate with a large number of connected devices.

The most important thing to remember is that a smart home must create comfort and comfort for its owners and meet their needs, so you must first configure it taking into account the wishes of residents.