Top 20 products from Aliexpress for smart home

Given the trends of modern life, the functionality of the house is not the last place. Thanks to the Aliexpress website, you can equip your home with gadgets for almost a penny.

The temperature and humidity sensor

Measures indicators, looks stylish in the interior. It is perfectly combined with other devices: an air humidifier or an automatic heater switch.

Smart socket

You can use it to control the switching on and off of devices and set the power consumption mode at a distance using your smartphone. The device is useful for those who are constantly on the move. With a smart timer and voice control, you can control smart sockets throughout your home.

Smart switch

It controls any electrical devices thanks to the app. You can do this on a schedule by setting a cyclic timer and using voice control.

Smart fumigator

Sprays the active substance against insects, works without heating. There is a built-in timer, thanks to which you can set the time for 10 hours and sleep peacefully.

Robot vacuum cleaner

It has long been not fiction, but reality. You rest – it cleans. Equipped with special sensors, so it always scans the location. Despite its modest size, the power of the vacuum cleaner is enough to clean the room.

Smart light bulb

You can manage it using the app. The built-in colors change at will.

Auto-device for blinds

There are only 3 buttons on the remote that allow you to fully control the curtains and pleasantly shock guests

Touch-sensitive makeup mirror

It is purchased not only as a mirror,but also as a lamp. The mirror has a built in sensor that is responsible for the backlight. It stands on a stable leg, allows you to take beautiful photos and selfies for instagram.

Automatic light switch

Hit sales on Aliexpress. Allows you to control the lighting in the apartment remotely

Smart call

Wireless doorbell is convenient to use. It consists of several sensors and receivers, so it can be installed in any corner of the house.

Automatic soap dispensary

Just put your hand to it and the soap will pour out of the tank. Economical and practical.

Smart night light

The built-in motion sensor allows the night light to recognize approaching objects. When a person gets out of bed, the light turns on.

Automatic toothbrush

It has several modes, effectively cleanses the oral cavity from unwanted plaque.

Smart watches

Table clocks are able to track the temperature in the house and determine the level of humidity in the house.

Compact induction cooker

The functionality consists of easy transportation and remote control from a smartphone.

Smart surveillance camera

Creates a movie art in any room

Water tester

Shows the number of unwanted impurities

Smart trash can

Equipped with a sensor that automatically opens the lid. You can place garbage at a distance

Smart door lock

Works by fingerprint.

Creating a smart home system is not expensive. Just go to your favorite site and choose your favorite gadgets.

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