Smart Home Technology

08 February 2022

Closed Loop Television System in Smart Home

Video surveillance in smart home is an automatic, electronic process to monitor and analyze images. As a result of its application, it is possible to monitor the operating modes of electrical appliances and other life support systems.

The Zigbee protocol, one of the smart home standards, is designed so that home appliances can transmit data despite interference, while spending a minimum of electricity.

The operation of the systems chosen by the user, together with the control of the factors influencing their activation, allows:

  • to transmit a video signal to a computer, smartphone or TV with an integration system;
  • control cameras from a connected device;
  • set up a dedicated TV channel for viewing;
  • effectively use one remote control to control the equipment of the premises;
  • record history in an archive, etc.

A home automation system can be successfully used:

  1. to turn on a security or fire alarm;
  2. for remote control of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, disinfection, etc.;
  3. starting washing machines and dishwashers;
  4. to turn on music devices;
  5. walking and timely feeding of animals, etc.;
  6. monitoring the progress of processes, for example, automatic watering of beds and turning it off in case of precipitation, remote maintenance of greenhouses and other processes

video surveillance “smart home”

Installationcameras, etc.

System controllers with battery backup supporting multiple devices such as smart bulbs, thermostats are located near the outlet.

Wireless sensors for transmitting data using the current protocol are installed depending on the tasks set, for example: on the terrace or in the adjacent area, etc. 

Setting up “smart home” video surveillance The

account registered in the personal account is used to control the system through a mobile application. In the personal account, the user can track the history of the device.

In the “Scenarios” section, select the type by event and add the devices participating in the scenario, then the action and time. For example: turning on the camera at noon and sending a notification to the user. For the future, you should save the script under a specific protocol. By the way, similar protocols are used when launching interspace drones.

Smart home systems are designed to make life more comfortable and rich.