Modern switches smart home control

03 May 2021

“Smart home” means the equipment of an apartment that requires special control, configured on a smartphone, sensors or voice. As a rule, the owners of the apartment prefer to remotely control the light, climate, blinds.

Types of management

There are a huge number of switches in modern homes: capacitive, touch, pulse, vintage. But you can divide the management into the following groups:

touch panels,
classic switches,
phone app,
voice control.
Consider each option separately: pros and cons.
Classic circuit breakers

They are familiar to everyone since childhood, and modern technologies allow you to build long-press sensors or individual prints into the switches. They can be selected in any shape and color, carefully entering into the interior of the apartment. They can be combined with voice control or with an app on your phone, depending on what is at hand.

Push-button switches

It is believed that the buttons are the most convenient option, especially if you do not live in 1 apartment. Important advantages:

pleasant to the touch,
small size,
quiet clicks when pressed,
engraved buttons,
built-in temperature sensors.
Touch switches

The touch control looks stylish and fits perfectly into the concept of a smart home. The small size allows you to embed almost any model, you can adjust the sensitivity and sound responses. The surface is often made of tempered glass, which increases its durability. You can choose any appearance, color, shade, and pattern.

Thermostats integrated in circuit breakers

This version of the switch is used to adjust the heating and air conditioning. The display will show the temperature, speed and force of the air supply, and you can use it to set the operating mode for a specific time.

iPad as a touch control panel

This option will look good, and at the same time not even very expensive. The iPad is built into the wall and placed on the station. This will actually work like a normal touch switch, but the large screen and the variety of functions allow this option to remain popular.

Control from your phone

We are used to not letting the phone out of our hands, so this management is often chosen by those who equip a smart home. The systems inside can be controlled remotely, for example, while at work, check that the set is turned off or start heating the apartment.

It is convenient to turn off the light before going to bed, just by turning on the appropriate program. You can customize the interface for yourself by choosing the best option.

Voice Control

With the advent of voice assistants, management has become very simple and pleasant. If you buy a station, for example, Alice, then she will always be ready to hear your command. Such devices can turn off the lights, turn on music, set alarms for the morning. The main thing is to set up the program well for recognizing your voice and clearly give instructions