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A good house is created, not bought.Joyce Maynard
The house is a machine for housing, it is a lively dynamic thing.Robert Heinlein
Smart House » How much does "Smart House" system cost

How much does “Smart House” system cost

Very often our clients ask, and how much is your “Smart House”?
Let’s try to explain. This is the same as asking a builder how much it costs to build a house? Any manager will ask you several questions at once:
– What is home? Of what materials? Technical equipment?
Almost the same things with Smart or Intelligent House.
The final project cost is determined after a detailed discussion of all the necessary functions, making the full Terms of Reference (TOR), the design and definition of equipment.
It should be remembered that the “Smart House” – is not only a beautiful toy, as a functional management system that allows you to efficiently expend energy resources, monitor the status of life-support systems.

Get our offer you can send the parameters of your room (layout plan and electricians, if any) with the desired features at sh@smarthouse.ua

You can also get the estimated cost, use the calculator below.


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