Smart home price

You made a decision – and you want to know how much a Smart Home costs? Let’s try to figure it out.

What is the price?

We install a complex of intelligent housing management turnkey. The price of the finished system Smart Home is made up of certain indicators: a set of functions, quantity and price of devices.

Our company at the design stage is working in several stages:

  • discussion with the customer of the functions he needs;
  • compilation of technical specifications;
  • project development taking into account the wishes of the client;
  • determining the composition of the equipment.

Only then can one imagine the approximate price of a smart home.

The cost of the project Smart Home depends on the amount of planned work. The more functions the client wishes to lay in the project, so it is more. Here it is important to understand what exactly the result is waiting for the customer? What is a priority for him and what is not so important?

It is necessary to take into account the cost of installing the Smart Home system.

Selected equipment varies in cost. Parameters such as the area and layout of the house affect the cost of laying communications. That is why the price of turnkey smart home in each case may vary significantly.

With us you will be more profitable!

SmartHouse has been working in Ukraine for a long time, developing intelligent home control systems. For fifteen years we have managed to achieve high results, which is confirmed by customer feedback. Our team of highly qualified specialists creates turnkey projects starting with software and ending with installation of equipment. We produce certified equipment that is highly reliable in operation. Therefore, we will help you save money and make the cost of the Smart Home system acceptable to you.

This benefit is achieved, firstly, by 40% savings in cable installation. We are implementing a comprehensive solution, so the involvement of several performers in the work is no longer required.

In addition, the company’s policy is an individual approach. We have a complete range of services that we provide. But we are ready to consider different configuration options so that the result will suit our client and make the price of smart home equipment acceptable to him. We value long-term cooperation with our customers.

How to calculate how much the Smart Home system costs?

The company’s website has a handy calculator. It will help to calculate the approximate cost of the Smart Home system.

How to make an application?

In the application, enter your name and contact details. Next, specify the type of dwelling, the number of rooms, the class of real estate and attach a floor plan. Based on these data, you can get an approximate calculation of the cost of the Smart Home, which will be sent to you in the commercial offer.


All calculations are approximate. The final cost can be either lower or higher than estimated.

Thanks to the calculator, you can navigate in order of prices, which will simplify the selection of the best option. Leave the application on the website, and we will help you make your dreams come true!