“Smart Home” system

08 February 2022

Modern technologies have surrounded a person with smart and useful devices that can make life more comfortable and safer. The “Smart House” system combines a set of household appliances and appliances located in a residential area.

The evolution of control systems The

remote control of appliances and the system for alerting residents at a distance about sudden events occurring in their home has developed quite logically, along with an improvement in the quality of life and the level of technology. For example, the appearance of a vacuum cleaner was facilitated by an attempt to automate the process of restoring order.

The first centralized control systems for machinery appeared in the middle of the last century. The central computer performed a supervisory function. The development of smartphones and their mass distribution contributed to the transfer of control of home devices to these devices, which a person almost always carries with him.

Today’s “Smart Home” is a network of many functional devices that are controlled using a smartphone or computer. This eliminates the need to have an additional control panel on hand. All navigation will be available from the mobile phone screen.

The Smart Home system consists of three parts: the

  1. controller (hub) is a centralized device that unites all devices connected to the system, like a router;
  2. signaling equipment – a system of sensors, sensors, buttons that detect any changes in the space of the house, reporting the occurrence of unforeseen situations (violation of space, the appearance of extraneous movements and leaks, penetration, vibration, changes in illumination, and so on);
  3. control actuators – perform a programmed action depending on the current situation and the need to respond to sensor signals.

Functional application

Room illumination control with the ability to turn the light on and off.

Automatic regulation of air temperature in the house or apartment. Both the heating system and the installed air conditioners are being adjusted.

Alarm notification in case of penetration of unauthorized persons, fire, flooding by neighbors from above, earthquake.

Blockage of the water system in the event of a leak. 

Video surveillance will help to monitor what is happening at the moment in the home. In this way, you can look after children and animals at home, control employees, look after elderly relatives in order to have time to react in time if something goes wrong. The panic button “SOS” will cause the arrival of a rapid response team in case of intruders.

Benefits of using a control system

The automatic operation of a home system will help busy people and those with limited abilities to live comfortably.

Elderly people can easily control the level of lighting, open or close the curtains using voice commands.

Persons with disabilities interact with the system using additional devices or headsets.

It will be convenient for business people to connect a coffee machine, a multicooker or a robot vacuum cleaner remotely. Or give a command to heat the water in the boiler before arriving home.

Using the “Smart Home” system, you can significantly simplify your life, as well as increase the level of security of your home.