Smart home system and its components

The fairy – tale hut obediently obeyed only one command – “Circle!”. Her “intelligence” was limited to this. A modern “Smart home” is not a fabulous home, but its possibilities are wider. And if earlier the system included a standard set of options, now there is a lot to choose from. The cheapest devices are simple and perform only one function. The other is a complex intelligent system with feedback.

At the moment, there are not so many such houses in Ukraine, not to mention the fact that not everyone can afford to buy such a system. For the most part, “smart homes” are common in Europe and America, but here they are increasingly entering the minds of urban planners, occupying them and giving them no rest.

The main components of a smart home
Control panel. This device is the heart, the brain, of any such intellectual dwelling. The control panel constantly scans the space for signal transmission by all other devices. If the control panel catches a signal, it processes it very quickly and carefully and sends a signal to the owner of the house about a particular event that is currently being performed. It also serves for giving orders at the program level.
The gas leak detector. As the name implies, the gas leak sensor is designed to signal the leak itself and is used to determine its location. This is very convenient in the sense that the gas operator can always know exactly where to start work, without spending a lot of time checking the entire highway. This sensor has a built-in siren that signals the owners about the danger. It can also automatically stop the alarm if the gas concentration falls below the dangerous scale.
The flood sensor. A very convenient thing, thanks to which you can determine the level of flooding of the house in time, its cause and the place where the accident occurred. It is also equipped with means of signaling the owners about the problem. The flood sensor has a false alarm protection, which will allow it to work effectively even in high humidity conditions.
Smoke detector. This device is used to detect smoke and signal the owners about the problem. It can measure the level of smoke in the room and analyze the entire process of smoke, finding its cause.
Acoustic glass break sensor. Something very useful for home security. Can recognize the sound of breaking glass even through obstacles.
A wireless siren is the main means of alerting you when various sensors are triggered. A means to raise an alarm.
Passive infrared detector. It is an excellent motion sensor.
Interphone. With it, you can communicate between the rooms of the house.
Wireless repeater. An important component. Thanks to it, radio coverage on the area of the entire house works smoothly in all conditions.
“Smart house” – a complex system

The simplest option is a combination of programmable home appliances and various electrical installation devices. You can put a separate program in the microwave, washing machine, food processor.

But programming a lot of devices every day is very tedious. And devices from manufacturers such as ABB and GIRA can work together with automatic, intelligent control systems.