Smart Home Solutions

When buying a house that still lacks interior decoration and has the opportunity to make large-scale changes, you can provide for the installation of a “smart home” system. This innovation is mounted directly into the walls.

Prototypes of modern smart home systems appeared at the beginning of the 21st century. The start was given by the so-called “smart sockets”. Today, there are many varieties of various configurations of devices, equipment and systems. The main thing is to choose the most ergonomic solution for a particular living space.

Two basic approaches to the organization of the smart home system

KNX technology implies a full-scale repair with the laying of weak points and wires in all the necessary walls and floors. This protocol is supported by most manufacturers. One of the disadvantages of this approach is the expensive cost of its implementation. Repair involves shtroblenie walls, replacement of existing equipment, installation of complex devices. The advantage is the stable operation of this system due to data transmission over wires and integration with different equipment manufacturers.

An alternative technology is Lutron, a smart home system manufactured in America. Its operation is based on a wireless connection. A project based on this technology will be cheaper than KNX and will cost around $ 8,000. The main drawback is that Lutron is a mono manufacturer. If this company leaves the market, you will have to change the entire system. In addition, in urban conditions, wireless communication that ensures the correct operation of the system may be subject to interference.

One of the most affordable options for a smart home system is offered by the Chinese company HDL. It is very variable in terms of connecting equipment from different manufacturers. It has the ability to administer the operation of the air conditioner at a distance.

Estimated cost of the system

For a more complete orientation in the pricing policy of technology manufacturers, consider the cost of services for installation, configuration and maintenance of a smart home system with units and equipment manufactured by Lutron. The budget was as follows:

The cost of one remote control with a frame is 8500 rubles.
Relay module – 17500 rubles.
Dimmer – 22,000 rubles
A basic gateway – to 26000 rubles.
The best solution for a smart home

Lutron is not so attractive in the Russian market, since there is no possibility to purchase solutions for controlling the heating system and the underfloor heating circuit in Russia. This reduces the efficiency of the technology for apartments and houses in domestic conditions. Therefore, the leading position in the Russian market is occupied by KNX systems. They comprehensively include control of lighting, ventilation, heating and air conditioning. The key option is the heating control, as it determines the efficiency of the administration of ventilation and cooling of the room. Competent integrated implementation of the smart home system allows you to significantly save on resource consumption, including electrical energy.