Types of dimmers for adjusting the light

03 May 2021

Any room in which interior lighting, a lamp, a chandelier or a sconce is installed, needs high-quality light control. In this article, we will talk about such an important device for adjusting the light, as a dimmer.

Applications and types

To turn on the light, a conventional key switch is often used, but incandescent lamps in this case will soon burn out. To extend their service life, it is better to use a dimmer. Its advantage is that the light turns on smoothly and turns off just as smoothly. In addition, some models work according to a pre-created schedule or program.

Depending on the type of controller, it can be installed:

in the podrozetnik instead of the switch (classic version);
in the podrozetnik for the existing switch (built-in);
in the switchboard.

The principles of their work differ, so you should consider each of these options in detail.


Dimmers designed to be installed in a sub-socket instead of a switch are the most popular.

The main types of classical light regulators:

rotary push button;
touch screen.

By turning the dimmer wheel, you can not only turn on the light, but also set the desired level of illumination. However, it is important to know that the device will not be able to remember it.

Rotary push button

Unlike the previous model, this type of controller can be used to turn on the light to a preset brightness. There are dimmers in the line that do this smoothly.


This model can not be distinguished from a simple switch. However, the difference when using them is huge. By holding your finger on the dimmer key, you can adjust the light level. And when you turn it on next time, it will install it smoothly.

Touch screen

Recently introduced to the market, these devices have already gained popularity. They are often used in the “smart home” system. The appearance of the devices may differ, but they share a common principle of operation. To turn on, off, or adjust the light level, use the buttons on the touch panel.


The dimmer, built in behind the switch, has the appearance of a small box. It is located in a junction box for electrical wires or in a podrozetnik.

The built-in controller can be controlled not only by the button on the switch. Control of modern models is carried out with the help of smartphones and tablets.

Installed in the shield

Such devices are designed for installation in a DIN-rail panel in a smart home. In this case, the dimmer can be controlled both from conventional switches and from special equipment. In this case, the electrician is hidden from view, and only the control panel is visible.

Thanks to the variety of dimmers, you can choose the right option for any room. However, it should be remembered that the regulators for the sub-socket can be installed even after the electrics are fully installed, and the dimmers for installation in the panel should be selected at the design stage. When buying a dimmer, it is also important to pay attention to its compatibility with the type of lamps used.