Radio-controlled sockets – with the help of these devices, you can save money

04 September 2021

Many people do not know about the existence of such devices as a radio-controlled socket, although they appeared quite a long time ago. The advantage of such an outlet is that it can be controlled from a distance using the remote control. It is an adapter that is inserted into a regular outlet, and other devices are already connected to it.

The device consists of a housing with buttons, on which there is a backlight indicator and a plug connector. The socket on the radio control is equipped with a remote control, in which there is a radio transmitter.


All household devices switched to standby mode can consume up to 9-11% of electricity. This is reflected in the cost of services that are paid monthly. The radio-controlled socket has useful programming functions for turning on and off electrical appliances, which can save a significant part of the family budget.


Radio-controlled sockets are most often used for:

  • Street lighting in private residential buildings;
  • When opening and closing the garage door;
  • Functioning of the ventilation system and video surveillance;
  • Use of air conditioners;
  • Connecting household appliances at a specified time.

Sockets of this type are available for indoor and street lighting. There is a variety of special devices for the bathroom. There are also radio sockets that work at extreme temperatures.

Pros and cons

An important advantage of radio-controlled sockets, unlike products with Wi — Fi and GSM, is the low price. This device does not depend on the availability of the Internet and high-quality communication. You can control the radio socket manually, without using a remote control, it is easily connected to the network or to the smart home system. But the most important purpose of a radio-controlled outlet is to save a significant amount of electricity.

There are also disadvantages of these devices. The radio signal will not be strong enough if it is obstructed by walls, especially metal structures. When people who use a hearing aid live in the house, under the influence of incoming signals from the radio socket, the operation of the device may be incorrect.

The right choice of outlet

When purchasing a radio-controlled outlet, it is very important to take into account the maximum power consumption, which is indicated in the accompanying documents. If household appliances are designed for high power, you should buy more productive models.

It is necessary to pay attention to the propagation of the signal range, which is indicated in the product characteristics. The radio-controlled socket is easily configured — the signal code on the control panel is combined with the code of the receiving and executive device. The blocks store the frequency of the radio signal and the code while pressing the buttons on the remote control.

Radio-controlled sockets are an excellent assistant when saving electricity. With their help, household appliances can be turned on only when there is such a need. In order not to pay more for the use of electricity, and not to turn on and off the equipment constantly, you should think about buying a radio-controlled outlet in your home.


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