We answer ALL questions about the smart home

06 October 2021

Intending to install a smart home system, its future owner is ready to ask an infinite number of questions. It is not always possible to find all the information on the web, and it never comes to a trip to the sales office.

We offer formed answers to frequently asked questions about smart home systems, in a situation where its acquisition seems extremely tempting:

  • Will I figure out the system? The answer is definitely yes. How different types of systems function, specialists will clearly show the client at the stage of selection. During the contact testing of the equipment in the showroom, all doubts of the potential owner of the system completely disappear.
  • What should I do if I was refused a visit to the showroom? Perhaps it is worth reflecting on the reputation of a company that produces smart systems for the home. The primary duty of every serious company that plans to remain on the market is to provide a showroom. If you make such a request, and they refuse you, this is a reason to look for another system manufacturer.
  • The company does not have an office in the city, can it be trusted? Yes, it is possible, the situation is standard. This shows the specifics of the work: manufacturers are engaged in production throughout the country and deliver the equipment to the addressee, after which they install it. At the same time, it is possible to visit the showroom online.
  • What is the difference between a good and a bad manufacturer? It is not always possible to determine this, but there are several techniques: study the terms of service. There are companies on the market that rely on revenue as opposed to their reputation. A bona fide manufacturer will always have a cost estimate prepared, and its receipt will not increase by the time of payment.
  • What will happen to the house if the Internet is turned off? A smart home is a wired system that works without an Internet connection. When the network is turned off, the operation of the smart home will remain in the usual mode. The program provides engineering, coordinated with the operation of home appliances. Only wireless systems can respond with a complication. But in case of power outages, it makes sense to purchase a continuous power source that is also useful for all household appliances.
  • Is manual control possible? It can be left tame, especially if there is concern about a small child or an elderly person. But thanks to the intuitive interface, the successful study of the management functionality is possible during the day. Opt for a simpler way to use the systems, and also use the application from your phone.
  • How will the power consumption increase? Smart home systems almost do not use electricity, but in addition they also help to reduce bills (on average, by 30%), warning about unnecessary overspending. Motion sensors will help prevent waste of electricity. But the most effective way to save money will be to manage the climate system.
  • Will there be any difficulties with repairs if there is a smart home system? It depends on the time of treatment and the stage of repair. It is advisable to inform about the repair before the walls are finished, given the need to lay cables. Specialists will coordinate the project according to the nuances of the installation of the system, avoiding the installation of unnecessary elements in the house.
  • What is the duration of installation? The work is carried out in two stages: the first is completed by the end of roughing, when laying cables; the second — after finishing work (involves connecting and configuring systems). The process will take about a week, but depends on the vastness of the functionality.

The cost of smart home systems

The mandatory question concerns the cost. This figure depends on the area and functionality and type of systems:

  • mini-options, for example, provide control of basic lighting, climate, leak sensors on an area of 70 m2 and are placed at a cost of two hundred thousand rubles;
  • the average cost of functionality, including a full-fledged security system and the facilitation of everyday tasks ranges from 240 thousand to 520 thousand;
  • to install the most expensive functionality with built-in speakers for playing audio files, you need to add another 60 to 180 thousand UAH.

Having answers to all the questions of interest, the user will be able to navigate when choosing a manufacturer, identify unscrupulous dealers, and also assess their own readiness to purchase a smart home system. All the details can be found out by visiting the showroom in person.


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