Do I need a Smart home in a small apartment?

“Smart home” is a very broad concept. There are a lot of myths around it that create a misconception about what a smart home really is. “Smart home” is, first of all, the integration of all home devices and placing people in the center of attention so that they can be used conveniently and intuitively.

Smart home in a small apartment: learn how to plan it well

Are the solutions that make up a smart home in a small apartment just a fad? I don’t think so. More and more often we find that without modern solutions, it becomes more and more difficult for us to work. What is a smart home in a small apartment really and what are the possibilities?

Saving heat and electricity

Therefore, a smart home should make life in it more comfortable, safer and … cheaper. According to experts, saving heat and electricity using smart home solutions can reach 30% per year. This is a significant amount, which in a few years may at least partially compensate for the costs incurred. How does it work? Electrical appliances are automatically disconnected from the network as soon as we leave the house, and TV and home appliances are turned on only when entering the apartment. This is possible thanks to special sensors installed on the door and smart socket adapters that allow you to control electrical devices.

Before you leave the house, one click to close all the blinds, turn off the lights, reduce the temperature and turn on the alarm. According to the research, smart solutions bring great savings. Without a doubt, the automatic control is convenient for your pocket.

Smart home IQ features in a small apartment

An intelligent apartment consists of a whole system of connected and interacting devices. The user can freely personalize the system to adapt it to their individual needs. Devices can work automatically based on properly saved settings, or they can be adjusted to meet current needs.


Audio system that turns on when the alarm goes off.
The light in the hallway turns on when you need to go to the morning shower.
Curtains that open at certain times.
The sensors will also detect a gas or water leak.
The possibilities of the created functions are almost limitless. Using smart lighting with a security system, the system will turn on lighting in areas where people are located.
The sensors will also detect gas or water leaks, automatically close the corresponding valves, and notify the owner and all necessary services.

Many people wonder whether it is worth installing such solutions in small apartments, where we have almost everything at hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small apartment or a big one. The operation of the blinds, security, and various scenarios work the same in both cases. Installing a smart home in a small apartment is like building blocks that can be used to build large and small things. Each solution can be adapted to the size of the apartment and the needs of family members!