Do I need a robot vacuum cleaner in a private house?

05 August 2021

Is it worth buying a robot vacuum cleaner in a private house?

The introduction of robots into our lives no longer scares anyone. It is difficult to surprise someone with an automatic air freshener, a washing machine with a timer, and now a robot vacuum cleaner. Housewives are incredibly happy that now you do not need to take out a vacuum cleaner and untangle the cord, and then walk around the apartment and manually collect dust. Now, with a single tap on the smartphone screen, you can activate a robot vacuum cleaner, and the house will become cleaner without personal participation and effort.

Advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Compactness (small height (9-13 cm) allows cleaning in hard-to-reach places: under the bed, wardrobe or sofa);
  • The ability to set the cleaning time and its duration;
  • The built-in battery allows the vacuum cleaner to move freely around the apartment, and when the battery starts to run out, the robot drives up to the base for charging and after a while is ready to work again;
  • The function of spraying detergent for cleaning dirty surfaces;
  • Thanks to the scanning of the area, the robot easily bypasses obstacles and falls from stairs;
  • Silent operation;
  • High quality cleaning: the robot not only collects dust, but also pet hair.

Owners of private and smart homes are often afraid that the robot will fall down the stairs and there will be a breakdown of the device. Not only the smart scanning function and built-in drop sensors help to avoid this, but also the “barrier” stickers, as well as the ability to set the necessary cleaning area.


  • Rapid contamination of the vacuum cleaner during wet cleaning, thereby reducing its quality;
  • The robot can’t recognize liquids, so if a child spills something on the floor or a cat pees in the wrong place, the vacuum cleaner will spread the liquid across the floor;
  • The round shape of the vacuum cleaner does not allow it to remove dust from the corners.

Categories of people who simply need a robot vacuum cleaner

Despite the fact that many people dream of a robot vacuum cleaner, there are cases when such an assistant is simply necessary in the house. You can include people in this group:

– Parents with young children. Daily cleaning, which must be carried out in order to save the baby’s health, takes a lot of effort. Any mother will be glad to see a robot vacuum cleaner in the house, because there will be additional free time and more energy will be saved for the main task – raising a child;

– Masters at home. Due to the popularization of remote work, many people open a business right in their home (eyelash extensions, manicure, jewelry making, etc.). Such work requires maintaining order, despite being very busy. The robot will easily remove dust, small debris, while not distracting from work;

– Pet owners. Everyone who has a cat or a dog is familiar with when clouds of dust and wool roll across the floor, picked up by a draft. Thanks to the robot vacuum cleaner, the wool will stop flying around the apartment and settling on the furniture.

– Elderly people and people with disabilities. The robot vacuum cleaner will serve as a real lifesaver, if for some reason it has become impossible to carry out cleaning yourself.

Like any technique, a robot vacuum cleaner has its advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of where you live: in an apartment or a private house, a robot vacuum cleaner will significantly facilitate your life and will allow you to avoid conflicts on domestic grounds, because you will not have to argue about why the powder was scattered by the husband, and the wife should clean up. A robot vacuum cleaner will do all the work!


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