Garbage has no place in kitchens smart house

13 January 2022

Time is very valuable in the modern world. And the only way to spend it more often with loved ones and loved ones is to automate everyday tasks. In this regard, there is a growing interest in smart home technologies.

Among modern kitchen appliances, there are models with remote control via a mobile device. The presence of sensors allows the smart home to maintain comfortable parameters in time, including heating, air conditioning, extractor hood, lighting, and a humidifier.

And in this picture of harmony, functionality and minimalism, the bin under the sink with rotting scraps and fruit and vegetable peels does not fit at all. Since there is a refrigerator ordering the delivery of missing products, you can think of something with the trash too.

It turns out that such a device has already been invented – it is a smart waste basket in the system of intellectual comfort.

Stylish smart

bin It doesn’t look like an ordinary bin at all. But it is not only the modern design that makes it unique. This device automatically opens when a person approaches, packs the garbage itself hermetically, through the indicator gives a signal about the need to take out the garbage and lays down a new package.

Smart trash cans are battery operated. In this case, a permanent connection to the mains is not required. It is only necessary to periodically fill the capsules in compressed bags and take out the packed waste. By the way, specially designed bags are highly durable, do not let foreign odors through.

The smart bin is good for non-organic waste because it only tracks physical content. There are no gas analyzers to determine the onset of deterioration of organic waste. Even if the sealed bags and lids are 100% sealed, odor will still spread when opened. The volume of the tank ranges from 8 to 15 liters.

For food waste, a more successful solution is envisaged that complements the smart bin in the smart household waste disposal system.

Voice operated

shredder Connecting a food waste disposer to the kitchen sink drain completely solves the problem of organic waste. You just need to choose models that are powerful enough to easily cope with chicken bones and watermelon rinds. But not all shredders fit into the smart home concept.

There is a dispenser model with automatic water supply and voice control. The user only fills the chamber and instructs the voice assistant to start the chopper.

How it works:

  1. After installation, the pneumatic button is pressed once to start the DC relay;
  2. the pneumatic button is disconnected and the chopper is connected to a smart socket;
  3. the voice assistant is configured;
  4. all leftovers, peels, spoiled products are ground into a gruel “on request”, washed off with a stream of water and disappear without a trace in the sink drain.

Smart home appliances allow you to think in detail about a person’s comfort and free him from safety concerns.


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