Comfortable control of a smart home using a touch panel

05 December 2021

A classic solution for managing a smart home is several switches, the effect of which extends to one, several or all systems at once. However, their arrangement in one meta, for example, near the entrance to the apartment, spoils the interior. An alternative option is to install a touch panel.

Touch panel functionality

The principle of operation of the touch panel for controlling smart home systems is the same as that of the screen of a modern smartphone, on which the application icons are located. Modern devices have:

  • functional menu that gives access to different zones;

  • compact housing;

  • clear, clearly distinguishable message text;

  • laconic design, combined with the design of switches and charging stations.

A typical representative of modern touch panels is the KNX Zennio Z35 model.

Technical parameters and design of touch panels on the example of KNX Zennio Z35

Modern touch panels are made taking into account the color scheme and style of the interior. They serve as a unifying element for all rooms, while they do not catch the eye and do not spoil the appearance of the wall covering.

Universal style solution

Developers of modern devices make every effort to ensure that their products are organically combined with any interior ideas. Clear geometric shapes, smooth lines, basic shades of the case are a guarantee that the touch panel will harmoniously fit into any space.

The KNX Zennio Z35 is available in the following basic body shades: anthracite, silver, white and glossy white.

A set of functions for comfortable operation

Touch panels are equipped with a number of functional features that greatly simplify interaction with them:

  • sensitive screen;

  • availability of text brightness adjustment from the home screen;

  • possibility of hidden installation in the wall;

  • the ability to control all the systems of the house from one point.

Technical characteristics of the KNX Zennio Z35: what to pay attention to when removing

Choosing among a variety of models a suitable touch panel for controlling smart home systems, analyze the following technical parameters of the sample you like:

  1. The presence of background illumination that does not irritate the eye;

  2. Is there a built-in temperature sensor;

  3. Is there a proximity sensor provided;

  4. The number of thermostats and zones for setting individual temperature conditions.

With all these advantages, the KNX Zennio Z35 is also distinguished by its user-friendly software:

  • the touch panel menu has 7 navigation pages, on which 43 controls are located;

  • the standby screen displays the temperature, date and time;

  • the model is equipped with 4 analog-to-digital inputs that can be used to connect motion and temperature sensors;

  • the panel has as many as two thermostats;

  • the brightness of the elements on the touch screen is adjustable.

In case of power outage, the touch panel saves all previously entered data.


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