How to organize a Smart home system with your own hands in an apartment

Home automation is becoming more and more popular, as it makes the life of all households more comfortable and functional. There are many ready-made solutions for Smart home systems, but you can build a similar system with your own hands. First, you should decide which systems in the house need to be automated, and only then start purchasing the necessary equipment.

What can be automated in an apartment

The Smart home system allows you to automatically perform the following functions:

Management of household appliances.
Control of lighting devices.
Climate control equipment.
Notification of alarming events and so on.

You can also organize a video surveillance system in the apartment.

After defining the tasks for the Smart House system, you can start purchasing components.

What you need to buy

Smart home will need the following components:

remote control in the form of a button (can be wall-mounted or portable);
smart relay;
built-in remote control.

And sensors:

opening doors;
opening Windows;
water leakage;

This device is the main one in the Smart home system. It receives commands from remote controls and sensors, and most often works over Wi-Fi. Communication with the head unit can also be carried out using the mobile Internet. The server supports working with SIM cards, and can send SMS messages to the host’s smartphone, as well as receive commands using the GSM module. The server for Smart House is a miniature computer that is equipped with a processor and RAM. This device has its own storage device in its Arsenal, which has a capacity of 4 GB.

Door opening sensors

These sensors consist of two parts. One part is installed on the door leaf, and the second part is attached to the transom. These sensors work like a reed switch. These devices are powered by their own power source, and send a signal to the server via a radio channel. The sensors are included in the security system, and in case of unauthorized entry into the home, the server sends an alarm signal to the owner on the smartphone in the form of an SMS message.

Window opening sensors

The design of these devices does not differ from the sensors for opening doors, and in their functionality, window sensors perform the same functions as door sensors.

Water leak detector

This device is installed directly on the floor and in the place where the probability of water leakage is highest. It can be placed either in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Water conducts electric current well, and when it hits the sensor contacts, it closes them, after which the device sends a signal to the server via a radio channel. After that, the head unit informs the host of the alarm via SMS.

Light and temperature sensors

These devices are used to automatically control lighting devices, and maintain the optimal temperature in the home. The light sensors respond to low or no light and automatically turn on the lights. Temperature sensors are set to a specific temperature, and when it changes, turn on or off the air conditioner or heating devices.

Motion sensor

These devices are also included in the security system, and respond to any unauthorized entry into the apartment. Information from these sensors is transmitted to the server, which sends an alarm to the host’s smartphone.

Remote controls and relays

These devices are used to control the Smart home system and to switch devices. Especially convenient are portable remote controls that allow you to control all the functions of the Smart House system. This device is equipped with a magnetic holder, and it can be magnetized to any metal surface. Smart House can be retrofitted with smart light switches, which can not only control lighting devices, but also start or interrupt previously recorded scenarios.


Creating a Smart home in your apartment with your own hands will allow you to organize flexible management of all vital systems, and adjust the operation of these systems to your own needs. Creating a Smart House on your own will cost much less than purchasing ready-made solutions.