How to make a smart home cheap

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular. Many companies produce special kits that allow you to “smarten up” any living space for a relatively small price. All installation of devices can be done with your own hands.


to understand the principle of operation and installation of devices, it is easier to take a ready-made kit, for example, Oledo (manufactured in Belarus) and consider the different blocks separately.

To get started, you need to purchase a sufficiently productive server (Oledo 7767 Host), which will “manage” all devices. Work with sensors is carried out using the z-wave plus Protocol with a frequency of 869 MHz. you can use it to connect almost any device. The digital unit is equipped with a 500 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 4 GB of hard disk. There is also a charger for eight hours of operation.

To make a smart home, you need to understand how many “points” you need to convert in it, and make an installation plan.:

Remote controller.
Multiple relays.

The “digital brain” is actually a fundamental block, so that the house is called “smart”, it unites

all the teams into a single network;
processes all data;
allows you to control the entire contour using Wi-Fi, as well as using mobile devices.

You must have GSM support, it is advisable to install a SIM card to receive SMS notifications. Messages are also sent directly to the notification. The display shows an online image of the server functioning.

Opening Windows and doors

This is done simply: one cylinder (it is included) is mounted on the door, the second cylinder – on the jamb. Opening / closing process these two elements are in contact with each other, which is reflected on the display.

Water leakage

Sensors are installed at joints where there is a risk of breaking the circuit. If there is a problem, the sensors detect it when the three metal elements are closed. This device also controls the temperature and humidity in the room.

Light, temperature, movement

This unit is one of the main ones in the house, it controls:

turning the light on and off;
the operation of the heater;
operation of the air conditioner.

The sensor is fixed on a plastic arc that is hung in the corner of the room. It can also be placed on any plane, the frame will be stable thanks to the “heel”.

Wall remote Oledo

This device actually duplicates the push-button remote control. you can use it to

Turn off or turn on the light.
To handle different scenarios.

This device can successfully replace traditional switches. The unit has a wireless connection and can be placed anywhere in the room. There is a bright button display. The remote is securely attached to the magnetic holder. There is another version-a portable remote control Oledo, you can manage five objects. For example:

Lamps in the living room;
Bathroom unit
The remote control has buttons with the tips.

This device has a built-in accelerometer, if you take the remote control, but the working channel starts to “light up” immediately. A magnetic holder is also located on the block. It can be fixed, for example, to the wall of the refrigerator (if it is made of metal).