IoT gateway – what is it?

13 January 2022

The Internet of Things combines many different types of devices, the operation of which is based on different principles and data processing protocols. It happens that there is a need for communication between devices connected to the Internet of Things. In this case, a special gateway is required, with the help of which the synchronization and compatibility of all devices is realized.

These devices are called IoT gateways. They have special software and hardware capabilities that allow you to combine the work of many different sensors, smart home appliances, smart home , etc. The gateway receives information from these devices, processes and issues control commands in accordance with pre-written scripts.

In fact, an IoT gateway is like the leader of a large team, different members of which speak different languages ​​and are responsible for different responsibilities. The task of the gateway is to translate different languages, understand what has been said and respond to each supervised subordinate in a language that only he can understand.

At the same time, in addition to the “translation” of the information received, the IoT gateway also analyzes the received data and makes decisions about which commands should be given. The transmission of control commands occurs in accordance with the instructions previously issued by the user.

How the gateway works The

number of various sensors on the market is constantly growing, as is the automation of all processes around. This makes the IoT gateway an indispensable device in many processes.

Where the IoT is used – the gateway The

IoT gateway is used in various systems where a large number of sensors and other devices are expected to use different data transfer protocols. The gateway is used as the main control device in such systems:

  1. Smart home;
  2. Resource planning systems;
  3. Manufacturing process control systems;
  4. Other corporate hardware and software platforms.

In smart home systems and production control systems, the IoT gateway is responsible for receiving information from sensors, processing the data, the operation of the decision making system, if it is, of course, simple enough, and transmitting commands to executable devices.

What devices does the IoT gateway manage?

With the help of the IoT gateway, you can receive information and control various devices:

  1. Various sensors: temperature, light, movement, liquid or gas leakage, etc.
  2. Using the gateway, you can control various devices: smart home appliances, turning on and off electricity, water supply, other liquid or gas;
  3. In theory, an IoT gateway is capable of transmitting control commands to any electrical equipment or mechanical device, which includes a controller and a communication module;
  4. Most gateways provide the ability to record and store custom scripts — scripts developed by administrators. The scripts record the logic and algorithm of actions and, accordingly, a list of commands that the gateway will transmit to controlled devices in certain conditions.


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