Smart Home Engineering Systems

“Smart Home” allows you to integrate digital control systems into the work of traditional engineering life support systems. Such solutions can not only make life more comfortable, but also significantly save money. Every year, such solutions are becoming more accessible and have spread to almost all aspects of household management

What engineering systems can be connected to a “Smart home”?»

The Smart Home system can be integrated into such home systems:

ensuring climate control;
control of the lighting of the house and the surrounding area;
management and control of household appliances;
managing the security system;
monitoring the operation of engineering networks;
general management of energy, first of all-heating.

Theoretically, modern sensors and digital systems allow you to integrate any home infrastructure into the “Smart Home”, whether it is gas supply or the operation of a home greenhouse.

The possibility of engineering systems of “Smart home»

The development of intelligent household management systems is not only a fashionable topic that makes life more convenient, but also an opportunity to significantly streamline the family budget, avoiding unnecessary spending on non-rational consumption of resources, such as gas for heating or electricity for lighting.

When connected to the central control system, the following opportunities open up for utility networks::

the operation of the climate control system can be configured in such a way as to provide comfortable conditions at a time when the owner of the house. The result is a significant saving of electricity and an increase in comfort;
lighting in the house and the surrounding area can be configured to turn off at a time when the owner is not around. In the dark, the lamps can be automatically switched to the” dim ” mode of operation. Also, house lighting can become part of the security system;
the operation of household appliances can be controlled remotely, using mobile devices: smartphones and tablets. This is especially relevant in the context of the mass appearance of household robots, active robotization of home appliances allows us to talk about the emergence of a new type of infrastructure – systems for robotic support of the household;
the security system integrated into the central intelligent system gets access to the lighting system and the server. Thus the owner gets the opportunity to always see what is happening in the house and near it;
it is possible to control the operation of water, gas and electrical wiring. This increases the safety of the home and reduces the risk of accidents;
integration of the heating system in the” Smart Home ” allows you to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort in winter;

Integration of household engineering systems into the intelligent management interface “Smart Home” allows you to effectively manage your home and, most importantly, opens up the opportunity to recoup your investment in a few years by saving resources.