Saving electricity by turning off household appliances at night

04 September 2021

Before going to bed, we are used to turning off the TV and computer, putting the phone on charging, without thinking about the fact that we leave many other devices connected to the power grid.

Complete de-energization of household appliances not used at night will bring you:

  • reduction of electricity consumption;
  • reduced payment for energy consumption;
  • eliminating the risk of a short circuit.

So, we turn off the following devices for the night.


Do not think that by clicking the remote control, you have de — energized it-it just went into standby mode, consuming a small amount of electricity. Unplug it from the wall outlet.

Wireless Router

While staying at home, we use Wi-Fi to access the Internet. But we don’t need it at night. And the indicator light on the router will consume electricity. In addition, this device is a source of electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to health.


Why keep the PC turned on if no one uses it? Turn it off for the night. You should also not leave the laptop connected to the network for charging. Know that when it is charged to 100%, it will slowly start to discharge, and the process will be repeatedly resumed.

Small household appliances

Turning off household appliances such as:

  • Microwave oven;
  • coffee machine;
  • the toaster;
  • the toaster;;
  • electric kettle;
  • electric toothbrush;
  • electric shaver.

Put all these devices on charge only when it becomes necessary, and remove the plug from the socket after the battery is fully charged. Otherwise, you will not only pay for extra kilowatts, but also reduce the battery life of electrical appliances.


You can also save on lighting: turn off the light when leaving the room; replace, for example, in the corridor and hallway powerful “Ilyich light bulbs” with dim LEDs.

Electric blanket

When it’s cold in the apartment, many people use electric blankets. But if it is connected to the network all night, this will entail the risk of receiving an electric shock. It is better to turn it on shortly before bedtime and turn off the power after warming up the bed.

Charging for a smartphone

Prolonged night charging only harms the phones, as the 100% charged battery gradually drains, and the process resumes. This leads to a decrease in the battery capacity. It is better to put your smartphone on charging in the morning — the time you spend on daily procedures is quite enough for the battery to charge.

Case for wireless headphones

The batteries of the cases for wireless headphones, like any autonomously operating equipment, also need to be recharged. But do not charge them too often, this leads to a loss of capacity. If the headphones need to be charged, put them in the case. But charge the case itself only in the morning and disconnect it from the power supply immediately as soon as you see the full charge indicator light up.

Extension cords

Electrical appliances connected via an extension cord consume energy even when they are not in use. Therefore, either disconnect the extension cord from the outlet, or remove the plugs of the devices connected to it.

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