What is included in the smart home system”

“Smart home” is an irreplaceable set of devices that significantly facilitate a person’s life. This system can be installed both at home and in an apartment. Sensors are responsible for: turning on and off water, gas and light.

Currently, the system is in unprecedented demand, due to its low cost and large functionality. To have the full range of this system, you need to purchase:

Controllers are the basis of the entire system, which is responsible for the correct and correct operation of sensors throughout the house;
Software is an application that is installed on the host’s smartphone or tablet. With it, it will be able to control all sensors remotely, as well as set all possible parameters;
Additional equipment is necessary devices, such as: cranes, electric drives, closers, switches, and others. They are in direct contact with sensors in the house;
Sensors-they are responsible for all functions and operations occurring in the house, whether it is turning off the light or automatically turning on the water;
What sensors are included in the Smart home system”

If necessary, you can purchase a complete set that will be responsible for everything in the house, up to the inclusion of the kettle. And you can buy one sensor that is responsible for a specific function. For example, “smart curtains”, “smart sockets”, etc.

The complete Smart home kit includes the following sensors:

A gas leak sensor is a necessary thing not only in homes, but also in apartments. They allow you to timely notice the leak and send a signal. Usually installed next to gas stoves, boilers and columns;
The water leak sensor is also no less popular thing both at home and in apartments. The water leakage sensor will give a timely signal of a possible accident. They are usually installed in the bathroom, in bathrooms and in the kitchen;
Smoke sensor – this sensor will give an alarm signal and automatically close the gas valves if the level of smoke in the room increases;
Light sensors-they are responsible for automatically turning on or off the light. In addition, you can configure such modes as: turning on the light when a person approaches, turning off the light at a set time, and so on;
Sensors for opening doors and Windows – this option is responsible for opening or closing Windows. In other words, if the door was opened in your absence, then your app will send a signal about an intruder entering your home (built-in video surveillance is responsible for this). You can also set the “anti-theft” function, then the door will automatically close and the alarm will go off;
Temperature sensors – this function is responsible for automatically adjusting the temperature in different rooms depending on the current time of year. In addition, you can configure automatic switching on and off of heating devices, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers;

Remember that light, gas, and water sensors provide safety, but temperature and lighting sensors provide comfort.