What is a smart home?

This is a special system that consists of managing all processes in the house, apartment or office, using special devices. This system was created in 1970, at first it was controlled from a computer. in 2019, the smart home can be controlled from an Android smartphone, and voice control is also available.

What functions

the System performs include controlling the temperature regime in the apartment, house, lighting, water heating, switching off and on electrical appliances. In the first years after its invention, this system was used only by very well-off people.

In 2000, the smart home helps many people who are constantly at work to control all the necessary processes in their homes from a distance. Using the smart home system, you can:

turn on lighting, turn off electricity,
adjust humidity and temperature in the room,
send data about intruders,
turn on watering, turn off sockets, turn on the vacuum cleaner.

The smart home system, which is correctly called smart home, regulates the switching on and off of lights, opens curtains, and turns on outdoor lighting in the courtyard in a timely manner.

All sockets and switches that are available in the apartment will be connected to the control unit and their operation can be adjusted using a smartphone. That is, the command to turn on the kettle or iron is typed on the smartphone, the program immediately sends a signal and the socket turns on.


The smart home system can control the following heating devices:

Underfloor heating,
heater, air conditioning,
heating system.

To do this, there is a special control panel that is responsible for climate control, just set the time to turn on and off these devices, and they will work according to the established schedule.


In addition to sending data to the police, the smart home system monitors smoke detectors, leaks, and fires. Accordingly, if any damage occurs, a report will be sent to the owner of the house, if there is a fire, then a call to the rescue services.

In addition to calling the fire Department, police, plumbers and electricians, the smart home system first cuts off the gas supply in the event of a leak, or turns off electricity when the wiring is short.

What does a smart home consist of?

All the work of the system is carried out thanks to special sensors and controllers, routers, sensors that are connected to each other. At the same time, management is carried out by a special server, commands are sent via a PC or smartphone.

The advantages of the smart home system are very great, but there are still disadvantages, especially if a person does not know how to manage modern gadgets and PCs, in addition, the entire system uses a large amount of electricity. Smart homes can also be subject to failures due to hackers ‘ interference.

The entire system costs several thousand dollars, if any component is broken, the replacement will also incur certain costs to its owner. But still, the smart home system is very modern, convenient and comfortable.