What are scenarios in smart homes and why are they needed

05 December 2021

A smart home is not just a set of software and hardware solutions, but an integral organism that must harmoniously, fully responding to the current situation and satisfying the needs of the owner. To synchronize many different devices and systems, the smart home provides for the implementation of a work scenario.

What are scripts and how do they work

A scenario is a set of actions designed to organize the operation of the system in accordance with the new basic conditions. For example, the scenario “the day has come” assumes:

  • in rooms where there are windows and access to sunlight, you need to turn off the lights.

  • The glass on the windows that face the sunny side needs to be darkened, and so on.

The script can be enabled manually or enabled automatically, depending on the specifics of the program itself.

Scenarios can be basic, established during the design of the system by developers and individual, which are developed by the owner of the house during its operation, depending on the needs that have arisen.

Basic scenarios

Basic scenarios work out standard situations that arise in 90% of households:

  • The scenario “I left home”. When turned on, it turns off all lights, turns on security systems, all leak sensors, open windows, puts heating at a minimum level of activity;

  • The “I’m going home” scenario. When the owner goes home, he can configure the system so that it: heats or cools the air in the house to a comfortable level, heats the water in the boiler, heats the underfloor heating, etc.

  • The script “Good morning”. Half an hour before the alarm goes off, the system will heat the underfloor heating, open the curtains and do all the things that you deem necessary for a comfortable morning;

  • The scenario “I went on vacation”. In this scenario, all security systems will be turned on, the power system of the house will switch to a gentle mode of operation, all sensors and alarms will be turned on.

Individual scenarios

Any user of the smart home system is able to independently develop a scenario for the case of life that happens with some regularity. It could be anything:

  • Weather changes. For example, if the house is located in latitudes where there is a severe winter— you can configure the operation of the house systems so as to save resources as much as possible and at the same time not experience discomfort. When the owner of the house is at work – maintain a minimum temperature and turn on the boiler an hour before his return.

  • Safety. Depending on the availability of certain elements of the security system, you can independently generate scenarios. For example: when intruders enter, you can set up a sound alarm signal, or you can send a message to the police.

  • The visit of the guests. When visiting guests or technical staff, for example, a courier. You can adjust the system to the appropriate response — darken the windows or turn off the lights.

Script setup is available for any more or less experienced user. This is done on the smart home control panel and takes a few minutes.


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