What is a smart home system?

In movies and TV, the expression “smart home”is often used. How real is it in reality, and what advantages does it provide to users?

Development of science and technology

Using the smart home system allows you to combine all electrical appliances and computer systems into a single circuit or a single whole. They are usually controlled by a special computer program. A special service or other mechanism may be used for this purpose. Its location or house or other place (something like a security console).

Features of the new system

Reviews show that the use of the new system provides the following advantages:

at a great distance from anywhere in the world to manage the household (for example, to set the intensity of the refrigerator);
make the settings of household appliances on and off mode of household appliances by time (for example, heaters);
make the settings on and off temperature mode (this ensures the operation of the air conditioner);
control of household appliances using voice commands;
control of devices via the Internet.

Users also note other advantages.

Main components

What would a set of “smart home” was not discussed, it includes:


The objectives of controller is the Union of all elements of the house together. It collects all the data about their work and environment, in other words, it serves as a point where all the information is received, on the basis of which the computer program makes decisions.

Sensors serve as a direct source of information. They transmit it to the controller. An example is thermal sensors.

Actuators – devices or means that are directly controlled by household appliances. They can emit a field whose intensity determines the operation of devices, such as air conditioners.

Household appliances and communications (electrical and utility networks) are also directly managed by the smart home.

Other element

The system often includes elements that ensure the security of the room, protection from intrusion:

alarm system;
motion, opening, and Gorenje sensors;
surveillance system.

The alarm system itself is a unique system aimed at preventing unauthorized access to the territory of the house.

In addition to these sensors, other devices can be installed, such as those that respond to noise, vibration due to breaks or the actions of strangers.

We offer models of “smart home” of very different types: different manufacturers, different fullness of functions and capabilities. The software has its own differences. Some are suitable for experienced users, others for beginners.

The range in prices is from 3 to 30-40 thousand rubles. Thanks to this, anyone can become the owner of a “smart home”. But some manage their home from another country over the Internet, while others are no more than a few hundred meters away.