Atmosphere of comfort, or when it's nice to be at home

08 February 2022

At the time of winter, almost everyone spends most of their time at home, but soon spring will come and it will be possible to walk on the street, visit parks, squares and various events.

Again, the main question is that quarantine is not declared or a huge number of cases of covid 19 appear. Then you will have to stay at home for a long time. In order to improve the situation in the house, you should somehow change the situation, decorate the shelves, lay a soft blanket, hang new curtains.

The atmosphere in the house affects its residents in the most direct way, if the house is cozy, warm and comfortable, the atmosphere is calm and friendly relations between family members, then you don’t want to go out of the house.

That is why you should equip your house, apartment or room as comfortably as possible. Properly selected elements will make it comfortable, cozy and spacious. All rooms, even the most cluttered, with old furniture, can be turned into a modern corner, on which the best designers are working.

How to make an apartment cozy

  1. The first thing that means comfort is space and cleanliness. Only a clean apartment can be comfortable, it is necessary to carry out a general cleaning.
  2. Therefore, you should remove all items and furniture that simply take up space, and no one uses them.
  3. In order to have a pleasant aroma in the air, you should use an air purifier.
  4. A prerequisite for a comfortable and pleasant room, large, spacious and bright rooms. Therefore, it is necessary to open the curtains, let in the light, adjust the lighting correctly.

Rooms should be heated by natural light for at least 2 hours a day. In addition, sunlight has a positive effect on the mood and general condition of a person. Increases the body’s defenses, drives away depression.

Lighting in the house

Comfortable and bright lighting will make each apartment brighter and more comfortable, for this you should:

  1. hang the lamps correctly;
  2. chandeliers and other lighting fixtures;
  3. subdued light – lights, sconces;
  4. directional light – on the table area in the kitchen, the light is directed at the table at the time of evening work;
  5. for holidays – lamps, garlands.

You can get quick and comfortable control of all lighting fixtures in the house using a special device. Such devices will be placed in the house at the time of connecting the house, apartment to the “smart home” system. Using your phone or laptop, you can control the lighting throughout your home.


Without changing the pillows, sofa and armchairs, you can create a completely new environment, you just need to replace the covers on the pillows, lay new bedspreads, rugs. Advice on getting the most comfortable room can be found on the website of modern designers, they create not only office, but also cozy apartment renovations.

Each owner of a private home can improve their comfort by connecting a smart home system, which allows you to control most appliances from a distance. All you need is a phone or laptop to do this, you can access the full range of smart home system services by connecting through certain devices.