8 best smart speakers for home and office

03 March 2021

This short article is an attempt to briefly and essentially introduce you to the most advanced devices on the smart speaker market, which are perfect for home and work, as well as for managing a smart home.

List of smart speakers with an optimal price-quality ratio:

The Harman Kardon Citation 500 has the highest cost of all the devices presented. Its advantages are a power of 200 W, two high-frequency and two low-frequency speakers. You can control the speaker using voice (Google Assistant) and touch screen. Wireless connection via Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi. The content is played by Chromecast. This device can command a smart home, play music, answer questions, and plan the owner’s day. The speaker is configured via mobile apps for iOS and Android;
Yandex. Station with “Alice” has as many as 5 speakers with a power of 50 watts. The Bluetooth 4.1 module and Wi-Fi provide a wireless connection to the Internet and gadgets. The speaker can be configured with the iOS or Android apps. One of the most advanced speech recognition systems (7 built-in microphones) allows you to control your smart home, find and play any content, including on the TV;
JBL Link Portable is equipped with “Alice” with the functionality of Yandex. Station. The same power of 20 watts and a built-in battery allow you to work independently for up to 8 hours, and the waterproof case is not afraid of rain, the beach and the bathroom. Modules for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 keep you connected to the Internet and applications in smartphones on any software;
JBL Link Music has the same format and functionality, but is positioned for indoor use, because it does not have a built-in battery;
Harman/Kardon Citation One is a “lightweight” version of the Harman Kardon Citation 500. The user receives a power of 40 watts, support for W-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, Chromecast for connecting to the Internet and playing content. Google Assistant uses 2 microphones to control the smart home, search for answers to questions and content on the Web. Two such devices can be combined into a stereo system. To configure the system, you will need the Google app;
LG WK7Y is similar to the previous device. The differences are lower power (30 W), “Alice” and the presence of a touch screen. Mains power and wireless communication methods are identical;
The Prestigio Smartmate has the following advantages: built-in battery (autonomous operation up to 9 hours), 4 microphones and compatibility with “Alice”. The control buttons are located at the top, and the wireless connection is provided by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth;
Yandex. Station Mini differs from the” older ” sister with a lower power (3 W) and 4 microphones instead of 7. A special feature is the ability to gesture control with the palms of your hands to adjust the volume and play virtual musical instruments. All other functionality is identical to Yandex. Station, but the Bluetooth version is more advanced-4.2.