20 products from AliExpress to create a smart home

06 October 2021

Not so long ago, the Smart Home system managed to fall in love with many people in view of the fact that it is able to greatly facilitate everyday everyday life in personal housing. This article will present the top high-tech and modern devices for creating home improvement.

Aqara Door Lock

This lock has a reliable fingerprint scanner system. Now you can forget about the lost keys once and for all, because now opening the door has become as easy as unlocking the phone. The Aqara door lock is equipped with additional functions such as:

  • RFID sensor for key cards;
  • NFC;
  • Bluetooth-enabled;
  • a combination lock and the usual mechanics.

The lock can also be synchronized with other devices at home, for example, with the kettle on. Thus, when the owner gets home, fresh tea will be waiting for him.

Approximate price: 8300 UAH.

Xiaomi Mijia robot vacuum cleaner.

Many people around the world have already managed to appreciate the advantages of this device. The compact device is ready to do the “dirty” work for its owner every day, keeping the floor clean.

Approximate price: 6000 UAH.

Controller for Curtain Control Intelligent Window Engine Aqara B1

A device capable of following a command from a mobile device or obeying a common system to move apart and move independently.

Approximate price: 5040 UAH.

Air Purifier Xiaomi Mi 3C Air Purifier

A device that will keep the air in the house clean, without harmful microparticles.

Approximate price: 4000 UAH.

Air Analyzer Xiaomi Mijia Cleargrass Air Detector

A device that monitors indoor air quality and reports changes to its owner.

Price: 3300 UAH.

Aqara Smart Home Kit

A starter kit that includes devices such as:

  • motion sensor;
  • sockets of different types;
  • gateways;
  • sensors for opening and closing doors and windows;
  • air temperature and humidity controller.

Price: 3000 UAH.

Xiaomi Door Video Call

A call in which there is a face recognizer, in other words, if a person appears in front of the homeowner’s door at a distance of 3 meters, a notification with a video will immediately come to his phone. You can also set up a person recognition in the device and set a special greeting if someone familiar approaches the house.

Price: 1350 UAH.

Xiaomi VH Wireless Heated Cup

A great offer for people who like to enjoy a mug of hot drink or want to save breakfast time in the morning as much as possible. This device maintains a temperature of 55 degrees inside the mug, not allowing the contents to cool down and pleasantly warms your hands, which is especially important in the cold season.

Price: 1200 UAH.

Aqara Vibration Sensor

A device that can be installed to protect against unwanted entry into the house through a window, into a desk drawer or a safe. You can configure the device in different ways, if suspicious vibrations are detected, the device can lock the doors or activate the speakers.

Price: 460 UAH.


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